Our ATMs finally support Ethereum! Because we need to buy them directly back at the heavily loaded exchange, we have added a small handling fee of €5,-

ATMs online

All ATMs are online again, we have disabled cash-out in Eindhoven until further notice.

Additional Fee

Unfortunately we are forced to include a transaction fee of €10,-. This is because of the current bitcoin transaction fee, which is very high at the moment.

Issues with ATMs

We like to offer our sincere apologies, currently we are experiencing big issues with the latest firmware of Lamassu and as a result we have outages. We are working hard …


On the 10th and 11th of december there will be planned maintenance. We will upgrade the Lamassu software so that it also supports Ethereum.

Our ATMs offline

Dear All, Due a potential Bitcoin hard fork we will shutdown shutdown the ATMs before the 1th of August. Please check back our site to stay up to date of …

Instability Bitcoin Network

Please be aware that there will be stability issues on the Bitcoin network starting on the 22nd of July. This involves waiting for at least 30 confirmations after which you …