About Us

Byecoin is a subsidiary of Byelex, which is specialised in crypto technologies and services. We have been working with Bitcoins and other crypto technologies for a long time and gained the necessary experience and skills to innovate businesses.

Our History

Byelex, founded in 1996, is traditionally a high tech organisation backed by the best developers of the university of Minsk, Belarus. The business unit Byecoin was created late 2013.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make crypto technologies available to everyone and to help and innovate an organisation with crypto technologies.

Latest News


On the 10th and 11th of december there will be planned maintenance. We will upgrade the Lamassu software so that it also supports Ethereum.

Our ATMs offline

Dear All, Due a potential Bitcoin hard fork we will shutdown shutdown the ATMs before the 1th of August. Please check back our site to stay up to date of …

Instability Bitcoin Network

Please be aware that there will be stability issues on the Bitcoin network starting on the 22nd of July. This involves waiting for at least 30 confirmations after which you …